Feather 1
Peace and harmony take preserve of what surrounds you, you want non violent and peaceful human beings due to the fact you define yourself so. you are a noble soul who loves to help others, in no way say no on the subject of helping out. It’s no longer tough for you to narrate to others, however you opt to do it with folks that share your tastes and have comparable interests to yours. someone might imagine you’re a vulnerable man or woman, but the truth is the way to be kind to absolutely everyone. you have many pals due to your potential to be solid and pleasant.

Feather 2

It suits you very without problems and learns quick. you’re a perfectionist and try to continually come up with the nice of you, however you count on the identical from others.
you’re very smart and tenacious. despite the fact that you can experience the moments you spend with your buddies, they tend to isolate you due to the fact you want spending time with yourself to get to understand you better, that’s now not awful. but, attempt to tell humans round you the way crucial they’re to you, as they frequently permit you to accept as true with that your detachment is because of them, even in case you do it unconsciously.

Feather 3
you are impartial. always pursue your dreams and dreams, that is the threat and you are adventurous. If it falls you arise without difficulty, do not thoughts screw ups due to the fact you’re conscious that they’re experiences that make you bigger, more potent, and sensible. The best aspect you must be aware of is the selection of your friendships.

Feather 4

Your robust individual is what distinguishes you. you have lots of imagination and you have the abilties to address your troubles. you are usually searching out the quality answer. I do no longer always like every body because your man or woman makes you observed that you are overpowering and authoritarian, however as soon as you have got the hazard to get to realize you higher keep in mind that isn’t always the case.
way to your sturdy and astounding character, others without difficulty observe your presence. You’re now not smooth to fool, you constantly have excellent arguments.
You require a lot of yourself and love perfection, you just should remember that you cannot usually exist and because of this you must enjoy extra than every second, every mistake and each revel in. relax, it’s just existence.

Feather 5

you are an artist with impressive creativity and creativeness. but, from time to time you do now not believe to your skills and this doesn’t permit you to develop. things so much failures which you do no longer recognize that it’s simply this worry of getting rid of you. you’ve got a unique feeling for element. you’re a perfectionist and attempt to always come up with the best of your self and anticipate the identical from others.