Dandelion Root Benefits Can Boost Your Immune System and Cure Cancer

For centuries, dandelion has been widely used for its recognizable health properties. Civilizations around the world have utilized this weed in several different treatments and cures. Dandelion’s impact in the medicinal world is just as strong today as it was in the past. In fact, recent events and studies have lead medical researches to a fascinating new discovery- dandelion may help to cure cancer.

Dandelion works to help boost immune system functions and build up red-blood cell levels. This root is also powerful enough to cure lung, prostate and other forms of cancer better than traditional chemotherapy. Dr. Carolyn Hamm from the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre in Ontario, Canada suggests that the only effective treatment against chronic myelomonocytic leukemia was dandelion root extract.

Benefits of Dandelion Root

John Di Carlo is a cancer survivor who has experienced the miraculous effects of dandelion. Suffering from leukemia at 72 years of age, Di Carlo was eventually dismissed from the hospital with a few days to live as no traditional treatments had proven effective. He was instructed by the cancer clinic to drink dandelion root tea. To everyone’s surprise, Di Carlo returned to the hospital with his cancer in remission only four months later. He told CBC News that his doctors attributed the cancer’s remission to the effects of the dandelion root tea.

Researches have conducted studies to determine what kinds of effects dandelion root extract has on cancerous cells. It turns out that dandelion extract works to destroy cancer cells within just 48 hours of contact. These studies have also suggested that dandelion extract can have anti-cancer effects for many other forms of cancer.

Advantages Over Chemotherapy

Traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy often have devastating consequences and side affects. In fact, chemotherapy not only kills cancer cells, but all other surrounding healthy ones as well. This leaves cancer patients feeling unhealthy and lethargic