Native American History

The Native Americans were living in America many years before the whites’ arrival.They  lived a beautiful life made of their traditions and handwork in harmony with nature.

In 1492, when Christopher Colombus discovered America, the Natives were an average 50 millions.

During the 16th and 17th century, the first Europeans who where welcomed by the Indians brought diseases which killed a lot of Natives, and wars.

“The land is not to be owned but respected and loved” Natives used to say.  But this wasn’t the opinion of the Europeans who thought that land was something you could possess.

After the massacres the government of the USA impodedon the Natives what is called the ” trail of tears “. This was a huge depotation of hundreds of  Cherokees. Many deied of starvation and diseases.

Thin is only in the 20th century that the Natives were cinsidered as American citizen. And it is only in 1924 that the US governement offered the ” American nationality ” to the Natives, thanks to the creations of the ” Indian Citizen Act ” and to their participation in World War 1.

The Natives bad been livind in tribes since the ” Trail of tears” but it’s only after 1924 that the US government recognized 500 tribes, which are self-geverned.

As we know, the Natives are the poorest citizenin the US, but this is not their only problem : after 1924, people often try to change the Natives, to humiliate them ans opress them. A lot of Native Americans are alcoholic and a lot of them commited suicide at a young age.

Every 2nd Saturday of may is dedicated to the Native population in the USA and November has been Native History Month since 1990.