Cherokee ‘Mullein Tea’ for congestion and cough (Native American Recipe)


  • 4-6 Young Mullein Leaves(Lamb’s Ears)
  • Milk
  • Teaspoon of sugar or honey per cup of tea made.


Boil the Mullein leaves in enough water to cover. Be sure to strain the liquid after boiling because the “hairs” on the leaves will cause throat irritation. Add some milk and a teaspoon of sugar or honey to personal taste per cup of tea.

Note: Mullein is a pale green plant and is called Lamb’s Ears due to the shape of the leaves being like that of the ears of a lamb and because of the “fuzzy” texture of the leaves. Do not pick large leaves of full grown plants or when the flower stalk appears.

Leaves should be picked when the plant is under a foot tall. I don’t know why. I never thought to ask.

Orgin of Recipe : Offered by Sharon (Da-Li) Jones … who learned this from my great grandpa…