Barack Obama Officially LISTED as One of the Best Presidents in American Histories

It doesn’t matter who hate or love him, the former president of American, Barack Obama has become one of the best presidents America has ever had, and he is not relenting in opposing some of the draconian laws of President Trump.


Obama was able to sign a comprehensive healthcare insurance bill into law, an achievement that eluded former presidents for many years.

He didn’t stop here, and he got harsh reforms to Wall Street that were passed as well. We cannot forget to mention the stimulus solution that took care of the country’s recession and transformed energy and education policy.

The former president was able to place some of the toughest rules on climate in the country’s history. He also signed a major international weather accord.

Obama was the man who opened the country to Cuba after years of staying as enemies, and he quickly reached a peaceful settlement with Iran on the controversial nuclear standoff.

For many centuries, the dream of getting a black president in the United States of America was achieved by Obama.

African American’s presidency was once called an impossible dream, but all that changed when Obama stepped on the political stage.

Well, Obama didn’t stop at this dream, he turned it into a reality and gave everyone a sense of belonging.